As a cryptocurrency, Cancer not only inherits the decentralized characteristics of Bitcoin, but also innovates and optimizes on its basis. Cancer Currency uses the latest cryptographic algorithms to ensure fast and efficient transactions. At the same time, its unique mining mechanism makes every participant have the opportunity to obtain Cancer coins, which not only improves the activity of the community, but also ensures the fairness of Cancer coins.


Cooperative partner

Route map

First stage

  • Issuing smart contracts
  • Development website
  • Officially launched at the Pancake Exchange
  • Complete audit and KYC
  • Twitter KOL Promotion Program
  • CMC 和 CG
  • 币安AMA推广

Second stage

  • More than 10,000 community members
  • Limited Edition NFT released
  • Enable DAO mode management

Third stage

  • Listed on major exchanges
  • NFT trading market launch
  • Mining game starts
  • Combined with artificial intelligence technology
  • Create a virtual social platform

Stage 4

  • Meta-universe forming
  • Community users over 50w
  • Development of NFT equity pool
  • Launch Binance Exchange
  • Set up 3D lab
  • Continuous development and continuous improvement

Future development and strategic planning

  • Medium of exchange

    Cancer tokens act as the primary currency within the Cancer space and are used to conduct various transactions and purchase goods and services.

  • Social and interactive

    Cancer provides users with a way to socialize, interact and entertain, and to communicate and collaborate with other users.

  • NFT transaction

    Cancer tokens can be used to buy, sell, and trade non-homogeneous tokens (NFTS) in the Cancer space, including digital art, virtual assets, and more.

  • Future development

    For the future, Cancer Money has a clear strategic plan. It will continue to deepen the application of blockchain technology and expand more use scenarios. At the same time, Cancer will also strengthen cooperation with other countries and regions to promote the healthy development of the global cryptocurrency market. In the future, Cancer Currency is expected to become a leader in the cryptocurrency space.